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Character & Citizenship Education

Character and Citizenship Education Department

Our Vision: Every Child, A Responsible Citizen of Good Character

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) is the bedrock and heart of the Singapore’s education system. Pupils will develop social and emotional intelligences to be responsible towards self, family, school, community, nation and the world. They will acquire the competencies (values, knowledge, skills and attributes) to be a self-directed learner, confident person, active contributor and concerned citizen who can manage self and relationships effectively while making responsible decisions.

Pupils with good character espouse the R3ICH values (Responsibility, Respect, Resilience, Integrity, Care and Harmony) and the 7 Habits. They evaluate their options, identify the consequences and make responsible choices. They are anchored in sound moral principles and display moral courage in standing up for what is right.

Pupils who are responsible citizens have a love for Singapore, feel a sense of belonging to Singapore, uphold the principles of our national pledge and are concerned and committed to contributing to our nation’s well-being.

Our Mission

In line with MOE’s guiding principle of Student-Centric, Values-Driven education, the department will design quality and holistic CCE learning experiences which have clarity of purpose and are focussed on the pupils. The CCE syllabus is explicitly taught during CCE lessons, Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP), school-based CCE programmes and CCE Guidance Modules.

In order to achieve this, we will facilitate professional development for the teachers and engage in meaningful partnerships. Through the affective and social programmes, pupils will achieve the eight CCE learning outcomes (LOs). The first four LOs depict the different aspects of character building that are interrelated and feature social and emotional competencies. The next four LOs are guided by the key tenets of 21st Century citizenship and arranged according to attributes of citizenship.

Character and Citizenship Education Learning Outcomes

LO1: Acquire self-awareness and apply self-management skills to achieve personal well-being and effectiveness

LO5: Take pride in our national identity, have a sense of belonging to Singapore and be committed to nation-building

LO2: Act with integrity and make responsible decisions that uphold moral principles

LO6: Value Singapore’s socio-cultural diversity, and promote social cohesion and harmony

LO3: Acquire social awareness and apply interpersonal skills to build and maintain positive relationships based on mutual respect

LO7: Care for others and contribute actively to the progress of our community and nation

LO4: Be resilient and have the ability to turn challenges into opportunities

LO8: Reflect on and respond to community, national and global issues, as an informed and responsible citizen

Our Key Programmes

A whole-school approach to providing a holistic CCE experience is about intentionally teaching and reinforcing character and citizenship in a coordinated manner through different programmes and platforms, so that there is synergy amongst the various efforts and programmes planned and implemented for pupils. The CCE syllabus provides the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes which are explicitly taught during CCE lessons, FTGP, school-based CCE and Holistic Development Periods (HDP). A separate syllabus is developed for Sexuality Education (SEd) for Primary 5 and 6 pupils to meet their developmental needs.

Primary 1-2 30h CCE lessons 40h FTGP 15h school-based CCE 340h HDP Total: 125h per year
Primary 3-4 45h CCE lessons 15h FTGP 15h school-based CCE 20h HDP Total: 95h per year
Primary 5-6 45h CCE lessons 15h FTGP 15h school-based CCE 20h HDP 4h SEd Total: 99h per year