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Physical Education

Vision Every child, an Active and Healthy Individual
Our department strives to:
  • provide opportunities for pupils to develop a fundamental skills and knowledge in physical education
  • provide a platform for pupils to develop 21st century competencies and talent through co-curricular activities.
Synopsis of key programmes
To succeed in our mission and fulfil our vision, the following goals have been established to guide our department’s efforts. These goals are aligned to our school thrusts. In the design of our programmes, we focus on the building of a strong foundation at lower primary and reinforcing concepts at upper primary. We also strive to create opportunities for pupils to build strong fundamental skills to ultimately play modified games through PE lessons and/Sports.

P4 Camp

We believe that it is important for pupils to learn values and build character. This adventure camp provides the necessary platform for pupils to experience the outdoor education, bond with one another and learn to be independent.

Sembawang Morning And Recreational Time (SMART)

Through the morning unstructured play, we aim to not only provide a platform for pupils to practise their skills taught during PE lessons, but also to allow the pupils learn through play and build their social and emotional competencies.

Morning Run

We believe that the morning run provides pupils with an opportunity to bond together regardless of their CCA, as well as to improve their fitness. Pupils enjoyed this activity and looked forward to the run.

Recess Games

It is important for pupils to practise as much as they can to become more skilled. Through this platform, pupils showed their sense of responsibility by returning the equipment to the same place in the same condition as it was taken.

Talent Development Programme

The Talent Development Programme is started to develop students’ interest and potential in sports as well as in the performing arts. The programme aims to provide the students with opportunities for deeper learning, including a values-in-action segment.

Active Kids Programme (AKP)

Through this platform, pupils are engaged in diverse range of physical activities they would not experience in a normal PE class setting. This programme together with the HPB collaboration, aims to reduce the mass of the overweight and raise their self-esteem.

Annual P4 Camp Photos

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