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Science helps us to make sense of natural phenomena in the world that we live in. With basic Science literacy, students would be equipped with the necessary knowledge to navigate everyday life. Practising scientific inquiry also develops students’ ability to ask questions about the world around them, make sense of data, and arrive at logical deductions and conclusions.

Our department envisions that every child is a scientific thinker who:
  • Is curious about the world around them;
  • Is able to apply inquiry skills in everyday life (e.g. identify questions, analyse data, draw evidence-based conclusions);
  • Is able to make informed decisions relating to Science and technology; and 
  • Is compassionate towards other living things and cares for the environment .

All young children are innately curious about the world around them. Our goal is to tap on this curiosity to develop in our students the skills of inquiry and problem-solving which they can apply in authentic, every-day situations through experiential learning opportunities.

SC1.jpg SC2.jpg
Students making their own wind turbines to explore how energy is converted

Field-based Learning via Learning Journeys

Students from P3 to P6 enjoy opportunities to attend learning journeys for rich field-based learning on identified Science topics:

Level Learning Journey Topic
Primary 3 Insect Mysteries Workshop at Science Centre Singapore Diversity of Animals
Primary 4 Light Workshop at Science Centre Singapore Light and Shadows
Primary 5 Diversity of Cells Workshop at Science Centre Singapore The Unit of Life
Primary 6 Adaptations Workshop and Guided Tour at Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum Adaptations, Man’s Impact on the Environment

aaa SC2.jpg aaa
Students making their own wind turbines to explore how energy is converted

aaa SC2.jpg aaa
Diversity of Cells workshop at the Singapore Science Centre

Science Olympiad Training Programme

The Science Olympiad Training Programme is offered to selected Primary 5 students with an aptitude for Science. Through enhancing their repertoire of Science problem-solving knowledge and skills, the programme prepares these students to participate in the various Science Olympiad competitions held annually.

Yap Fei Ran (L) and Sarah Lim (R) won the Merit Award in the Raffles Science Olympiad and Singapore Primary Science Olympiad respectively in 2019

Last updated : 23/06/2020