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Science helps us to make sense of natural phenomena in the world we live in. With basic Science literacy, students would have the necessary knowledge to navigate everyday life. Practising scientific inquiry also develops students’ ability to ask questions about the world around them, make sense of data, and make logical deductions and conclusions.

Our department envisions that every child is a scientific thinker who:
• Is curious about the world around them;
• Is able to apply inquiry skills in everyday life (e.g. identify questions, analyse data, draw evidence-based conclusions);
• Is able to make informed decisions relating to science and technology (e.g. on health and lifestyle); and
• Is compassionate towards other living things and cares for the environment .
All young children are innately curious about the world around them. Our goal is to tap on this innate curiosity to develop in our students the skills of inquiry and problem-solving which they can apply in authentic, every-day situations through hands-on and experiential learning opportunities.

Last updated : 28/03/2019