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Welcome to SBPS Student Management Webpage!


A safe and caring school


To provide a safe and caring environment for each student to learn, play and be themselves


1. Discipline

2. Pastoral Care 

  •     Counselling, Special Education Needs (SEN), Learning and Behavioural Support
3. Case Management Team



As student management is a whole-school approach, the Student Management Department aims to provide students @ SBPS with an emotionally and physically safe learning environment so as to bring out the best in every child.


Measures are taken to make the school community a safe and healthy place for students. At SBPS, we believe that a caring culture that supports the well-being of students will encourage growth and development of unique personalities in all possible ways. Every student will receive an adequate and well-timed support to his/her learning and growth. Special support and individual help to mitigate students’ physical, psychological or social problems to help stretch students to live up to the school motto, ‘The Best from Me’

Why We Do What We Do?


The education landscape in Singapore has changed, and is changing rapidly the last few years because of globalization. Where previously, it was teacher-centered pedagogy, it has now shifted to student-centered which is aligned in preparing the student for the 21st century. At SBPS, we acknowledge that the pace of change in acquiring the relevant skills can be joyful to students if they are equipped with the required social-emotional skills to stay healthy and positive. 

Last updated : 06/07/2020