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Briefing for Parents
Our first briefing for P2-6 parents will be held in the afternoon of Thursday, 25 January, from 2.30 to 4.30 pm. This session is organized for you to meet your child’s/ward’s Form and Co Form Teachers, who will share on the assessment requirements and expectations of your child/ward with regard to conduct and work attitude. More details will be shared in a separate letter. Lessons will carry on as usual on the morning of 25 January.
CCA for all P3 – P6 Students
CCA will commence on Friday, 12 January, from 2.15 pm to 4.15 pm. Primary 3 students will be informed of their CCA by Friday, 26 January. For Sports CCA (Rugby, Softball and Track and Field), a letter of consent will be sent to students to inform of the CCA sessions.
Open Letter From School Leaders (click on this link for the pdf file)
Dear Parents/Guardian Wishing you a blessed new year and extending a special welcome to parents of our 2018 Primary 1 cohort and those who are new to the Sembawang family. We trust that you will experience the warmth of the Sembawang family as we work in partnership to bring out the best in your child and to help every child realise his/her potential and talents
Safety and Security of our school
Private vehicles are not allowed to enter the school 15 minutes before and after school dismissal time at 1.30 pm. The school gates will be closed between 1.15 pm and 1.45 pm, except to authorised vehicles such as school buses. Please use the public car park which is adjacent to the school and make arrangement to pick up your child at Side Gate 2 (near the canteen).