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E-Open House 2020 (Click here to visit our e-open house website)
Hi everyone! We just had our e-Open House on 18 July 2020. For those who missed it you can still view it here.
School eRepository
Transitioning Back To School
"How do I cope with the 'new normal' after the Circuit Breaker? "How do I need to prepare for it?" Have you been asking yourself this questions? We've pulled together a few tips to support you in guiding your child to take on the new normal. Click on the title to view more.
Open Letter From School Leader 6 (Click here to download the letter)
Dear Parents We would like to extend a warm welcome to the following staff who have joined/will be joining our school: Mdm Arumugam Viji, Tamil Language teacher, Mr Lim Sok Kung, PE teacher, Ms Tan Li Jia, EL/Math teacher and Mr Gordon Ranjit Magherra, PE teacher
Safe Management Measures
In addition to the Safe Management Measures (SMM) implemented by the school (refer to Open Letter 05/2020 available on the school website), the following are the additional SMM put in place by the school.
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