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School Leadership Team


Mrs Grace Chua

Vice-Principal 1

Vice-Principal 2

Mrs Cindy Tay


Department Heads

School Staff Developer

Ms Sng Soh Foon

English Language

 Dr Caroline Chan May Ling

Mother Tongue Languages

Mr Mohd Saidali Bin Ali


Mrs Phang-Yong Geok Ping Rena

 Ms Tan Si Yin

Physical Education, Co-Curricular Activities & Aesthetics

Mrs Mak-Koh Siew Tiang Anne

Student Management

Ms Zalina Bte Abdul Malik

Information and Communications Technology

Mr Oh Ming Yie

Year Head (Upper Primary)

Mr Yang Binglin

Year Head (Middle Primary)

Ms Vernice Soh Bee Peng

Year Head (Lower Primary)

Ms Ratna Dewi

Level Heads/Subject Heads

English Language
Mdm Saira Banu Bte Mohd Nasir

Chinese Language
Mr Xie Meng Hui 

  Citizenship Education
Mdm Jamaliah Ismail 

Information and Communications Technology & Project Work

 Mr Tan Zuo Hou

Sports & Outdoor Education

 Mr Toh Chong Han Kelvin