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School Advisory Committee

The school forges strong partnership with its key stakeholders to enhance the quality of learning experience for its pupils. The key stakeholders include the School Advisory Committee, parents, external organizations and the community.
School Advisory Committee (SAC):

Mr Bhupinder Singh

Honorary Secretary
Mrs Grace Chua

Mr Prem Methani
Mr Poopal Rajan Thinesh Rajan
 Mr William Lim
 Mr Peter Chew Choon Hai
 Mr Sean Ang Kang Lin

In 2006 the SAC instituted two new awards namely 'SAC Book Prize' and 'SAC Gold Medal'. The introduction of these two SAC awards is to recognize and reward outstanding pupils in the academic and non-academic areas.
The 'SAC Book Prize' comprising a voucher of $100, a plaque and certificate, will be awarded to the top PSLE pupil i.e. the one with the highest T-Score. The 'SAC Gold Medal' will be awarded to an outstanding P6 pupil who not only excels in his/her studies but has also demonstrated leadership qualities and is exemplary in the way he/she carries himself/herself and serves the school and community. The 'SAC Gold Medal' will comprise a gold medal and a certificate.

Last updated : 12/06/2020