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Principal's Message

Warm greetings from Sembawang Primary School (SBPS)! Our Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong once said, “We need to build character and inculcate strong values in our children… and provide them with a broad range of experiences and encourage their interest in non-academic areas … so that they have a sense of belonging to Singapore, so that they want to help fellow Singaporeans and contribute to society and to the schools.” At SBPS, our vision is Every Child, a Winner – a confident individual, a self-directed learner, a concerned citizen and a contributing individual.

At SBPS, beyond the academic pursuit – laying of firm foundation in literacy, numeracy & scientific literacy, we place great emphasis on developing our students’ character and equipping them with 21st century skills. To enable every child to be a winner, the school has infused the principles of the 7 Habits by Dr. Stephen R Covey into our character development programmes and curriculum. We have also put in place Holistic Development Programme (HDP) to develop students’ life skills, build strength in character and social-emotional competencies. Our Applied Learning Programme in Environmental Studies provides meaningful real-world context for our students to relate and apply their learning and to develop 21st century competencies.

As the school evolves to better prepare our students for the demands of the 21st century, we recognize that this is a journey that requires a close partnership between the home, the school and the community. Guided by the school’s philosophy that every child can learn and every child has potential and talent, the home, school and community have a part to play to create a conducive environment to support our students’ learning and development. We recognize that parents have a primary influence on the child’s total development, while the school provides the foundation through the formal and informal curriculum and the community presents authentic opportunities to build the child’s sense of identity and responsibility towards the community. We are indeed blessed with the support of our parents, School Advisory Committee (SAC), schools and communities, without whom we will not be able to provide our students with invaluable experiences. They have certainly made our journey an enjoyable and fulfilling one.

Thank you and have an awesome year ahead!

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Mrs Grace Chua