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Principal's Message

Warm greetings from Sembawang Primary School (SBPS)!

As a school, we are conscientious in ensuring that our students are well-prepared for the future economy. As we gear our students to strive in the fast-changing world of globalisation and technological advancements, we envision for our students to be anchored in good values, to be proactive, daring to take risks and adding value to self, others and the community. Our new vision, “Innovative Learners, Rooted in Values”, summarises our aspirations for all of our current students.

To work towards our vision, we will continue to strive for a vibrant learning community to nurture our students to be innovators. One of our key approaches is to cultivate a growth mindset in all our students. To succeed in their individual pathways, students need to be positive in the face of challenges and setbacks, and have the conviction that they are capable of achieving their goals if they put in the time and effort to get there. We want to inculcate in them the values of resilience, responsibility and curiosity which are crucial functional values in the uncertain and fluid future.

Lifelong learning is a value, an attitude and a skill that our students need to possess. Moving forward, while ensuring the robustness in learning, we will continue to make learning fun and joyful for our students. This is so that they will have the intrinsic motivation towards learning which drives them forward to explore and discover their interests and passions. Making this paradigm shift will not be easy, but the school is committed to nurturing our students to be citizens who value learning and are capable and adaptable to acquire knowledge and skills throughout their lives.

It takes a community of people who share common goals and values to help our students grow and develop. It is a journey that requires a close partnership between the home, the school and the community. We recognize that parents have a primary influence on the child’s total development, while the school provides the foundation through the formal and informal curriculum and the community presents authentic opportunities to build the child’s sense of identity and responsibility towards the community. We are indeed blessed with the support of our parents, SAC, schools and communities, without whom we will not be able to provide our students with invaluable schooling experiences. They have certainly made our journey an enjoyable and fulfilling one.

Thank you and have an awesome year ahead! 

Mrs Grace Chua

Principal - Mrs Grace Chua

Last updated : 09/06/2020