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Parent Support Group

Parents, being key stakeholders, are an important link between the school and our children. In our journey to provide our children with a holistic education, we believe in forging a strong working relationship with parents. 

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The partnership with parents aims to support parents so that are they are able and are empowered to:

  • recognise and fulfill their responsibilities as parents and play an active and valued role in their children’s education
  • make their views known about how their children are educated
  • have access to information, advice and support during decision-making processes about their children’s education or special educational provision.

Parent Support Group (PSG) Executive Committee:


Parents who are interested to volunteer their services by being a member of the Parent Support Group can call the General Office at 67567330 or email: sbps.parents@gmail.com

Visit website:

External Organisations and Community:
  • Singapore Sports School
  • NorthWest CDC
  • Jelutung CC
  • Chong Pang CC

Last updated : 11/02/2020