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Safe Management Measures

In addition to the Safe Management Measures (SMM) implemented by the school (refer to Open Letter 05/2020 available on the school website), the following are the additional SMM put in place by the school.

Hand Sanitizers

Over and above the hand sanitizers issued to your child, the school has also deployed hand sanitizers at the entry points to the assembly areas (MPH, ISH and sheltered basketball court). Your child is required to apply the hand sanitizer solution when he/she reaches the assembly area before proceeding to the allocated section in the assembly area. The purpose of doing so is to sanitize the hands as your child may come into contact with surfaces along the way to the school. In addition, the school has also deployed sanitizer dispensers at various locations in the school, to facilitate ease of sanitization should your child is unable to perform washing of hands.

Approved Absence

In view of the prevailing risk of community transmission of COVID-19, students and staff who have adult household members (18 years of age and above) who are unwell with flu-like symptoms will be placed on Approved Absence (AA). The AA will cover the period of the adult household member’s MC or capped at 5 days from the onset of flu-like symptoms should the adult household member did not consult a doctor. The school requires the support of parents/guardians to ensure a healthy and safe environment for all students in the school. Observing the Approved Absence from the school is also an opportunity to inculcate personal and social responsibility in our children. Please ensure he/she remains at home for the duration of the AA as much as possible and avoids face-to-face meetings with those outside the household. This would make a big difference in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 by preventing mingling with other people. Parents are to ensure that your adult household members are well before your child returns to school.

Physical Education

Physical Education (PE) will be conducted in accordance to the prevailing national guidelines and strict adherence to safe distancing and safe management measures. Students will wear their face mask when moving to the PE venues. Students need not wear masks when engaging in activities such as running, jogging, static exercises, drills for warm-ups, strength and flexibility. Students engaged in PE will keep their mask in a hygienic manner before the start of physical activities (e.g. covered bag / resealable bag). Students who are not participating in the physical activities will continue to wear their mask. After the physical activities, students will be allowed to cool down and practise good personal hygiene (e.g. sanitizing or washing of hands) before putting on their masks.

PE teachers need not wear a mask when they are engaging in physical activities (e.g. leading a workout), and they will follow safe-distancing measures. When the PE teacher is not involved in physical activities, he/she will don a mask as a precautionary measure (e.g. if teacher moves amongst students in a PE class to give instructions).

PE lessons will be conducted by individual classes, and safe distancing will follow the national posture for exercising (e.g. at least 2m during activities and instructions).

PE classes will be conducted in a spacious and well-ventilated area such as the school hall, Indoor Sports Hall, Field or outdoor courts.

Wearing of Mask/Shield

The Ministry of Health has just announced that with effect from 2 Jun, face shields will be treated differently from masks. Masks will now be required as the default when you are outside your home.

Face shields will only be allowed in place of masks for specific exempt groups or settings, where the wearing of masks may not be practical. They are:

- Children 12 years and below, who may have difficulty wearing and keeping masks on for a prolonged period of time;

- Persons who have health conditions that may result in breathing or other medical difficulties when a mask is worn for a prolonged period of time; and

- Persons, including teachers, who are speaking to a group in a classroom or lecture-style setting, where they are able to maintain a safe distance from others.

Students who face difficulty wearing and keeping masks on for prolonged period of time may wear face shield as a brief respite. Your child will be briefed and guided on the use of masks and shields during their stay in school.


The safety and well-being of our students and staff are of utmost importance and the school will not spare any effort to ensure that staff and students adhere to all SMMs. These SMM (including those mentioned in the 5/2020 School Open Letter) will continue until otherwise advised, pending the National posture in response to the COVID-19 situation. For updates on the COVID-19 situation, you can visit moh.gov.sg or sign up at go.gov.sg/whatsapp to receive the latest information via Whatsapp.

Last  updated: 06/06/2020