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Chinese Dance

Description of CCA


The Chinese Dance had yet another exhilarating and rewarding year in 2016. The year got off to a great start with entertaining performances at the school’s Celebration of the Arts, Chinese New Year celebrations and the Canberra National Day Performance.  These performances incorporated a wide variety of dance movements ranging from exuberantly dynamic K-Pop to elegant movements to showcase our dancers’ zest as well as their individual talents.

A highlight from the previous year (2016) was our participation at the SYF Arts Presentation.  Our dancers attended intensive practices to perfect the dance which displayed the strong will and determination of farmers and left the audience ecstatic. They also wowed the panel of adjudicators with a stunning performance, achieving a Distinction award. 2016 was a meaningful and exciting year for our dancers. With the hard work put in by everyone, we will excel!

Achievements (2017)

Participated in:

- Canberra Day @ Canberra CC

- SYF Celebrations @ The Malls (Dance Extravaganza)


Tuesday : 2.15 p.m. – 5.15 p.m.
Friday : 2.15 p.m. – 5.15 p.m.


Ms Kong Jia Yee
Ms Lian Wei Qi Jenell
Ms Ong Jia Hui

Photographs with captions


During the mini musical segment of Celebration of the Arts , the dancers put up an energetic display and left the audience in awe.



Donned in traditional ethnic costumes of 苗 (miao) 族, the dance also reflects the hard work of the farmers in the field. The performers put up a great show that was well-recognised by the judges at the 2016 SYF Arts Presentation.


An admirable dance performance that showcased the spirit of togetherness by our girls and boys squad.