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Track & Field

Description of CCA


The benefits of being a member of the track and field team are numerous - the more obvious ones being that our athletes maintain a healthy weight and have a healthy outlet to expend their energy.

Our pupils in the track team also benefit mentally and emotionally. Through track and field, our young athletes learn that they are capable of achieving great things through hard work and discipline. They learn to manage their emotions and give their best instead of giving in to pressure.   

Led by a dedicated and committed team of teachers and coaches, athletes at SBPS don’t just learn how to be winners on the track, but in Life as well.  


Achievements (2017)

Results from the National Track and Field Competitions 2017



'A' Division Girls, overall 3rd

'A' Division Boys, overall 4th




'A' Division Boys

Reece Adrian Dela Cruz Tabangay - 600m 2nd and 150mm, 2nd

Lit Yu Yang - High Jump 3rd

Muhammad Syahindra Masnor - 100m Hurdles 3rd

4 x 300m, 4th (Reece Adrian, Lit Yu Yang, Muhammad Syahindra Masnor & Adeeb Bin Asri)

4 x 100m, 4th (Reece Adrian, Lit Yu Yang, Muhammad Syahindra Masnor & Adeeb Bin Asri)


'A' Division Girls

Hassmetra Perumal – Shot Put, 1st

4 x 300m, 3rd (Hassmetra Perumal, Li Xinyi, Li Li & You Qian)

4 x 100m, 3rd (Hassmetra Perumal, Li Xinyi, Li Li & You Qian)


'B' Division Boys

Roland Albert Reyes Torres – Shot Put, 2nd (Personal Best)

Khairul Reza Bin Rudy Nor – High Jump, 2nd (Personal Best)

Joven Chew – High Jump, 3rd (Personal Best)

4 x 100m, 4th (Senthilkumar Subhash, Roland Albert, Louis Khoo & Joven Chew)


'C' Division Boys

Vince Toh – Shot Put, 3rd (Personal Best)

Tee Cheng En – 100m, 4th (Personal Best)


'C' Division Girls

Wong Jin Rou – Long Jump, 2nd (Personal Best), High Jump, 2nd


'D' Division Boys

Montanez Antonio – Shot Put, 3rd (Personal Best)


'D' Division Girls

Angel Lim – Shot Put, 2nd (Personal Best)

Nikki Wong – 600m, 4th (Personal Best)

4 x 100m, 4th (Jade Yeo Ying Jie, Nikki Wong, Alifah Ilyana Bte Mohd Jawahir & Yeo Wynne)   



Monday: 3.45 p.m. – 5.15 p.m.

Thursday: 3.45 p.m. – 5.15 p.m.

Friday: 2.15 p.m. – 3.15 p.m. 


Mr Tay Eng Wee
Ms Tan Yi Xuan
Ms Tan Siew Bing, Joey
Ms Ada Ng Xinying
Mr Tan Zuo Hou
Mr Kelvin Toh

Photographs with captions


The SPS Track and Field team







Wong Jin Rou (left) and  Dini Irdina Bte Mohamed Akhirudin

Both athletes are recipients of the Sportsmanship Award.