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Red Cross

Description of CCA



Red Cross aims to instil leadership and character-building skills in our members. Our links are given opportunities to demonstrate the value of care towards others and the environment through our involvement in VIA activities such as visits to the Lions Befrienders and the Clean Singapore Learning Trail (Beaches) programme. By participating in these activities, they are groomed to become good citizens with a strong sense of civic responsibility.

Links also learn practical skills like basic First Aid. This aims to remind all our members that they can make a difference to someone in need through their knowledge and skills in First Aid.

Achievements (2017)

First Aid Championship 2017 – Silver

Excellence Unit Award – Gold


Friday 2.15 p.m. – 4.15 p.m.


Ms Ruhaida Bte Hashim
Ms Nursahila Bte Roszelan
Mdm Malarvizhi R.

Photographs with captions




Picking up litter at Sembawang Park under the Clean Singapore Learning Trail (Beaches) programme. Members learn the importance of taking ownership of our beaches, as well as reflect on how their habits and actions affect Singapore’s cleanliness.




The Red Cross members had a great time interacting with the senior residents at Lions Home Befrienders.