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English Language

At Sembawang Primary, we aim to develop our pupils to be good readers, critical thinkers and speakers. With this intent, the English department embarked on a journey to ‘redefine literacy’ which has tremendous impact on our Teaching and Learning.

  ‘Literacy is the flexible and sustainable mastery of a repertoire of practices with the texts of traditional and new communications technologies via spoken, print and multimedia’

Luke & Freebody (2000)

In redesigning literacy, as a department, we focused on being positive and strategically responsive to changing literacies. We aim that the children in our classes develop the ability to reformulate current knowledge or access and learn new literate practices and have a range of knowledge, skills and strategies to use, when appropriate. In addition, they will be able to enact traditional paper and life (face to face encounters) and digital-electronic (using multiple modes), simultaneously.

To achieve this, we continually create and provide a text rich environment for our children to engage, learn and appreciate the Language.

‘Wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts from print, non-print and electronic sources … [to] provide a variety of Language experiences.’

Singapore EL Syllabus (2001)

Carefully selected text rich enough for teachers to continue to revisit them during the course of a unit for a variety of purposes.

McNaughton (2007)

Our main English curriculum is anchored on, the Critical Visual Literacy Framework and supported by, the 6 Semiotic Modes which integrate the teaching of all Language skills (Chan & Chia, 2014).



With the design of our English curriculum anchored on these frameworks, at the end of six years in Sembawang Primary, our pupils will become:

LEARNERS as Text Decoders

LEARNERS as TEXT Participants

LEARNERS as Text Users

LEARNERS as Text Analysts

Imbued with the Language skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Grammar and Vocabulary, our pupils will graduate from Sembawang with have a strong foundation in English and a deep appreciation of differing texts, ready for the next phase of education.