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Department Focus

To provide a supportive environment that fosters innovation in teaching and learning using technology.

Department Key Programmes

ICT is a key enabler in students’ learning. With a supportive environment, teachers and students are able to harness ICT skills. Students' ICT competencies are further enhanced with New Media Literacies and coding skills, undergirded by Cyber Wellness education to promote safe and responsible use of ICT.


1) Cyber Wellness

Guided by MOE’s Cyber Wellness (CW) Framework, students are educated on current CW issues through various school platforms.


Source:  https://ictconnection.moe.edu.sg/cyber-wellness/cyber-wellness-101

2) Code @ SBPS

In line with the national focus to equip students with digital literacy to thrive in an increasingly digitalised world, the school aims to expose all students to coding, to develop their computational thinking skills. Code@SBPS is structured to expose Primary 3 to Primary 6 students to block programming yearly. It is a spiral curriculum which revisits and builds on what students have learnt previously.

Primary 3 – Coding using Lego WeDo 2.0 (Integration with Environmental Studies)

Primary 4 – Coding using micro:bits (Integration with Outdoor Education)

Primary 5 – Coding using micro:bits (Maker-centred Learning Experience)

Primary 6 – Coding using Sphero (IMDA Code for Fun)

3) New Media Literacies (Baseline ICT skills) Training
ICT training is conducted for the Primary 1 and Primary 2 students to equip them with

1) Baseline skills
a. Touch-typing
b. Handling computing devices
c. Navigating the internet
d. Using productivity tools such as GSuite and MSOffice

2) New Media Literacies skill

a. Curate digital content and information
b. Create digital multimodal products
c. Connect & communicate digitally


Source: https://ictconnection.moe.edu.sg/masterplan-4/key-features/being-and-becoming-responsible/new-media-literacies

Last updated : 15/07/2020