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ICT & Project Work

The school's networked environment enables pupils to harness ICT capabilities to enhance their learning. In addition to teacher-developed digital materials and customised learning trails apps used in class, pupils can make use of a variety of online and software/app-based resources to support their subject mastery. They also have access to the school's e-learning portal, as well as ebooks from the National Library and digital issues of our major newspapers.

Project Work
Project Work (PW) is introduced to provide opportunities for pupils to better internalise skills learnt in the classroom, comprehend how those skills are related, and how they can apply them in authentic or real-world situations. Every pupil from Primary 1 to 6 will be involved in PW as early exposure to life skills, process skills and research strategies helps to nurture them to be lifelong learners and prepares them for greater goals in the future. The group-orientation of PW also facilitates the development and strengthening of collaborative and social emotional skills, in addition to other 21st century competencies, in pupils.


Sembawang Primary School’s PW framework is summarised in the following diagram: 

PW Framework (2).jpg