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Every Child, A Winner

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While we differentiate our children on the basis of their academic ability to better design classroom pedagogy to match their academic abilities, we want our children to, first and foremost, learn for the sake of their passions and interests and not to pursue academic success and certification as a means of measuring their self worth. Academic success in school remains an important goal for our children because it will teach them to focus on a task and get the job done. But success in school is not defined by academic achievements alone.

We recognise that there are other interests and talents besides academic achievements. We know that among the pupils enrolled in our school, there may be children with interests or exceptional talents in the aesthetics, sports, linguistics and others. We are keen to help our children discover them. We will give our full support to our children and they must know that through our school, they can go as far as they can.

Our Mission

Preparing Our Children for Life, for Service to Nation and Humanity

Just as school is not the beginning of learning for children, neither should it be the end. The job of schooling is to foster and nurture our children's intrinsic motivation to learn and help them become more skillful at and excited about learning.

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It is important that pupils see the activities and work they engage in school as part of rather than separate from real life because learning, today and in a future driven by innovation, is a continuous process rather than a discrete event. Also, the economic landscape will in future be based on the unfettered spread and exchange of people, goods, and ideas across the globe made possible with the advancement made in technology, notably in communication. Knowledge in any field or form is now open to all who wishes to seek it.
With rapid innovation and the increasing pervasiveness of an economic landscape that knows no boundaries, we will need to prepare our children to be imaginative and enterprising, to be life-long learners so they might ride out changes and difficulties and live life to the fullest and to go on to contribute and serve society in meaningful and productive way.