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SCHOOL Security, Safety & Emergency Preparedness

School Safety & Security Approach

The safety and security of our students and staff are of paramount importance to us.  Working in partnership with our parents and stakeholders, we adopt a whole school approach in the creation of a safe and secure learning environment.

School Visitors 

All visitors (including parents/guardians) are required to access the School via the main gate and report to the security guard post to exchange for a visitor pass. All visitors must then report to the General Office to seek assistance. Visitors are not allowed to proceed beyond the General Office without an accompanying school staff. All visitors must display their visitor pass prominently. The school staff have been briefed to approach a visitor should any of the above is not adhered to. Please refer to the 5/2020 Open Letter for the additional Safe Management Measures (SMM) due to the COVID-19 situation.

School Gates Opening Hours 

Before the morning assembly, students may enter the school using either the main gate or one of the side gates. The main gate is open from 6.30 am to 7.00 pm on school days, while the side gates are open for students before morning assembly and during school dismissal time.



Opening Time

Before morning assembly

Regular school dismissal

Side Gate 1

(opposite block 317)

6.45 am to 7.30 am

6.45 am to 7.45 am

1.30 pm to 2.00 pm

1.10 pm to 2.00 pm

Side Gate 2

(opposite block 305)

Morning Drop-Off 

Parents who choose to drive to school are encouraged to drop off your child at the access roads next to Blocks 312/313 Sembawang Drive or Blocks 316/317 Sembawang Vista. Alternatively, parents can drop off your child at the MSCP located at Block 313A Sembawang Drive or Block 306B Canberra Road. Students who alight at these locations may enter the school via the side gates.
During the morning reporting period from 6.45am to 7.30am (main gate will remain open till 7.45am to facilitate drive-in and drop off of students on late reporting), parents may alight your child at the sheltered foyer of the school concourse. To ensure smooth flow of traffic in the school, we seek parents’ assistance to get your child ready to alight with their school bags upon entering the school gate.

We urge drivers to exhibit patience and care when driving within the school compound. Drivers must keep to the speed limit of 15 km/h and follow the directions given by our school staff or security guards.

School Dismissal 

Students may be dismissed via the main gate or one of the side gates during school dismissal. We seek parents/guardians’ cooperation to wait at the designated areas along the walkway at the main gate or at the void decks of the HDB flats located near the side gates for their child/ward, so as to avoid congestion at the gates. Similar to reporting, parents may also arrange with your child for pick up at the drop off locations outside of the school. The School’s main gate is close from 1.15pm to 1.45pm (1.00 pm to 2.00 pm) to all vehicles, except for authorized vehicles such as School buses. Parents who are driving into the School to pick up your child can only do so from 1.45pm (2.00 pm) provided all our school buses have left the school compound.

Permission to Leave School Early 

Students are not allowed to leave school on their own during curriculum time. Students who need to leave school before school dismissal must be fetched by either their parents, a member of their family or household helper. Such persons will be required to produce identification(s)/identify themselves or be identified by the student in the presence of a General Office staff before they are allowed to leave with the student.

Safety Around The School 

Students are reminded to exercise caution and observe safety in the school.  Students are to walk quietly from point to point. Students are not to play or run along the corridor, staircases, on the roads within the school premises, at the concourse and the canteen. Students are to also observe play safety during CCA, PE and Sports lessons. For instance, students must keep fingernails short, and avoid wearing necklace and watch during PE and Sports lessons. Students should also queue up when making purchases at the school canteen and bookshop, and when boarding school buses. 

In the event that the lightning warning system is triggered, students must stop all outdoor activities immediately and move indoors or into sheltered areas.

Road Safety  

School places high emphasis on road safety. Our students are reminded to always exercise caution and care on the road. School educates our students to always use pedestrian crossings; practise the Kerb Drill when crossing the road; obey traffic signals; avoid crossing in front of stationary vehicle or in-between vehicles as the drivers may not see you; do not run, play or use personal devices (such as mobile phones) when crossing the road; use footpath and walkway instead of walking on the side of the road.

For students who cycle to and from the School, we seek parents/guardians’ co-operation to ensure that your child/ward adhere to the safety regulations by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) on cyclists.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency exercises such as lockdown and fire evacuation drills are held twice a year to familiarize our students and staff on what to do in an emergency.  As Minister for Home Affairs once said, it is not a matter of “IF”, but “WHEN”.

MOE conducts Temperature Taking Exercise twice a year, typically in January and July period. This is primarily aimed at maintaining schools' preparedness to re-activate the temperature-taking regime should there be a need to. Parents/guardians are requested to ensure that your child/ward possesses a serviceable personal Oral Digital Thermometer (ODT) for use at all times of the year and not only for Temperature Taking Exercises.

Update of Particulars

Parents/guardians are reminded to provide up-to-date (1) health declaration of your child, (2) addresses and (3) contact details of parents/guardians to the school. For students who commute daily from Malaysia, parents/guardians are reminded to provide up-to-date local and foreign contact addresses and contact details (contact number and person), to facilitate link up during emergency situations.

Travel Declaration

As part of emergency management, students and staff who travel out of Singapore during the mid-year and end-of- year school holidays are required to submit their Travel Declaration. Given the transition to primary school environment, Parents of all P1 students are to declare the travel plans of your child, regardless of travel intent. Parents of other levels are to declare the travel plans ONLY if your child intend to travel. Parents/guardians may submit your child’s travel declaration via the Parents Gateway. The hardcopy form for parents without internet or PG access is also available upon request.

Note: Refer to the updated timings in BOLD and ITALICS. The new timings were established to support the SMM.

Last updated : 16/06/2020