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Destination Imagination

2015 Technical Category 1st and 3rd
 Structural Category 1st and 2nd
 Service Learning Category 3rd
 Early Learning Category 2nd
2016 Technical Category 1st
 Structural Category 1st and 2nd
 Improvisational Category 1st Service
Learning Category 3rd
 Fine Arts Category 1st
2017 Technical Category 1st
 Engineering Category 1st, 2nd, 3rd
 Project Outreach Category 2nd
 Improvisational Category 3rd
 Scientific Category 4th
2018 Engineering Category 2nd, 3rd and 5th
 Project Outreach Category 3rd
 Improvisational Category 2nd
 2019Technical Category 1st 
 Engineering Category 1st  
 Scientific Category 4th

2017 TEAM

2017 TEAM

2016 TEAM

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Last updated : 07/04/2019